About Lone Guard

Lone Guard serves two main purposes:


Staff Monitoring

Do you know your staff are safe and secure on a remote site or when they are working alone? With the Lone Guard system your staff are able to be monitored for their safety in line with the latest Health & Safety Directives.

Your staff use the system to log in with our central control unit. If a member of staff is late logging in we contact them to check they are safe.

Log in frequency can be adjusted to suit an individual requirement for example on an overnight security patrol the interval would be 90 minutes but can be adjusted down to whatever the customer request.

Quality Control

When you have a number of sites and contracts how can you show a client that the guards have been making routine patrols as per contract? With the Lone Guard system we can output an XML file for you to show the client. This can be outputted once a week or monthly depending on requirements.

In this way you can clearly show a client that their site has been monitored without sending additional staff to monitor the guards.

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