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We work closely with a number of security companies and NHS. We offer a product that is suitable for a number of markets. Where ever you have staff working on their own or in potentially dangerous environments our product is ideal.

Our product is highly intuitive to use. Any member of staff who has used a mobile phone can use this product.


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Specialist K9 Services

"We have been using the Loneguard system for approx 9 months and find it to be simple to use and effective. It gives me in one package a way to ensure my staff safety and give my customers QA of the service we provide."

Mr T Wilding, Managing Director of Specialist K9 Services


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This site and product is constantly developed and improved to provide the end user with the most reliable package available.


More information regarding the Lone Guard System is being added daily and if what you see now is of interest to you please contact us here.

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