Lone Guard - FAQ

What are QR Codes?

A matrix barcode. Similar to a supermarket barcode but in 2 dimensions.

Why QR Codes?

More information, error correction, easier to read in poor light/awkward angles

What information is in a Loneguard QR Code?

The QR code contains a plain text reference that is used to identify a site.

How many Tags can one site have?

We currently have capacity for 4 different codes per site. We can increase this number as a special request, however there are additional costs for this.

Can I get reprints of Tags?

With an order we provide a complete set of tags and a complete set of spares. If after this you require more tags we will be happy to provide them for a minimal fee.

Can I get my Logo on a Tag?

Yes. The standard tag has space on it for a customer logo and two lines of text. This text can be a website, telephone number or company name as required.

Can I get a custom tag with no reference to Loneguard on it?

This is possible although there are additional costs involved.

How come your system is so cheap compared to alternatives?

We have designed this system to be simple and automated this means our overheads are minimised meaning we can pass the savings onto you.

Can I request extra features for my Sites?

We are always open to suggestions from customers. If a feature is likely to be purely a one off this can be accommodated at time of order. If over time you discovery a potential feature there is a good chance we are already working on an update.

Do I pay for updates?

If you are on a pay monthly contract software and hardware updates where appropriate are included.

What form do the monthly reports take?

We use XML for our reports and these can be imported into many other programs for more detailed manipulation and reporting.

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