Introducing Lone Guard

Lone Guard is the the working name for the Lone Worker Guardian System. This system allows for monitoring of lone workers in many situations. The system relies on the O2 mobile phone network as used by the UK's police forces. This gives us great coverage and dependable network capacity.


The Lone Guard System uses a combination of QR Tags and Mobile Phone SMS messaging. This system allows for the Pro Active monitoring of Lone Workers in accordance with The Health & Safety Executive for the UK. This system meets all you Lone Worker requirements in a simple and dependably package.


The Lone Guard System is simple and intuitive to use and any one who can use a mobile phone can get to grips with the system within minutes. The set up costs of this system are also very low when compaired with other systems on the market. A full explaination of the system can be found on our Products page here


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This site and product is constantly developed and improved to provide the end user with the most reliable package available.


More information regarding the Lone Guard System is being added daily and if what you see now is of interest to you please contact us here.

Lone Guard - The Lone Worker Guardian

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